RITC Roundup and Atticus Ross!:

It's been awhile since there has been an update on the main page! Since then, there have been a handful of NIN recordings to pop up from the Australia and European tours this spring and early summer. Thank you to all who sent in their recordings to the archive. I truly appreciate it! If you would like to send in a recording, just email me and I will give you upload information. Hopefully some more in the coming weeks.

The NIN tour with Soundgarden and Death Grips starts in just a few weeks! If you are planning on taping this upcoming tour, email me if you'd like! I'd love to know what shows are being taped. This should be a fantastic tour!

Some random news if you have not already heard, Vienna 2014 was professionally filmed. With the delay of the 'Tension' video release, I would assume that they are going to make the video release a double show package of some sort. If you saw the screens they used on the European leg, you will know why they want to add it! Also, I have been getting a bunch of emails about the HTDA Chicago release.. We have not forgotten about it. When I have some more information on it, I will immediately post about it!

There are some major upgrades coming about the site. I hope to have them done in the coming months. I think that many of you will be very excited at what will be coming out very very "soon." Lets just say it will be very thorough!

Download: Atticus Ross June 13, 2014, LA Film Festival Masterclass Performance and Interview FLAC (642 MB)

Lastly, I know I am pretty late on it. But some of you may have heard that Atticus Ross did a masterclass at the LA Film Festival at the beginning of June. I never got around to adding it but Atticus performed a handful of songs from his film scores as well as some unreleased songs. This almost 2 hour masterclass also had an interview portion where Atticus discussed a wide range of things. If you appreciate film scores, this is a great listen. You can download the audio at the link below. The unknown source of the performance is fantastic.. great sound quality. There is also a great review by 12rounds here. Anyways, I hope to have more news on the way. Hope to see some of you on the tour!

03/04/2014: RITC Interviewed on the Underneath It All NIN Podcast:

So last week, the nice people over at Underneath It All had me on their podcast to discuss RITC, taping, recent NIN news and the first half of The Downward Spiral. I appreciate them having me on their show, I loved every second of it! So pop over to their website to listen to the recent podcast, or you can download it from iTunes here. The other episodes are great, with some of the highlights being interviews with Russel Mills (designed artwork for TDS and Hesitation Marks) and Richard Patrick (Filter). Enjoy!

02/28/2014: NIN 2014 - Tokyo, Japan, Studio Coast Shows Complete:

The first three shows of the 2014 tour for Nine Inch Nails are now complete. Next week they head to Australia with Queens of the Stone Age. The band is now a 4-piece with TR, Alessandro Cortini, Robin Finck, and Ilan Rubin. The setlists are more electronic with some nice additions to the sets (along with some surprises). Trent has said that they will be playing more tracks off of "The Fragile" and "Year Zero."

With the run of Tokyo shows complete, RITC is lucky enough to have a few recordings! At the moment we have the first night available for download, along with the opening synth set by Alessandro Cortini! The other two nights were recorded as well, but be patient as it will take some time to get them uploaded. As always, enjoy!

If you are planning to tape (or have taped) any NIN show in the past, please get in contact with us if you would like to add your recording to the archive.

02/01/2014: Nine Inch Nails/Queens of the Stone Age Grammy Rehearsal 2014:

Most of you may know that Nine Inch Nails performed with Queens of the Stone Age, Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac and David Grohl to close out the 56th annual Grammy Awards. Many of you also know that during their performance, the Grammys had to cut away from the performance for ad space and cut the broadcast short at the end. Making many people very angry, including Trent Reznor who took to twitter to let everyone know his frustration of the situation. Well, there is good news today with the release of uneditied and uncut rehearsal footage of their songs! The anonymous source has posted it for all to enjoy and below you can download the torrent of the performance. It is 2.57GB in a .ts file. Which can be played on any VLC player or MPC-HC. Enjoy!

Download the Grammy Rehearsal Footage: *Removed*

NOTE: Someone from the Grammy's legal department has contacted me to remove all Grammy video footage. At this time, the archive will not host any of the footage.

11/09/2013: NIN Tension 2013 Round-up:

With only three weeks left on the Tension 2013 Arena Tour, I thought this would be a good time to give an overview of the tour to this date. 17 of 23 dates on the Tension 2013 tour have recordings that are confirmed. Some of the sources are still unavailable due to post-editing, but will be available at later dates. The two special shows at Austin City Limits TV and Jimmy Kimmel Live were also recorded.

Almost every song from 'Hesitation Marks' has been played live on this tour, minus "Eater of Dreams" and "Everything."

After being rehearsed for the With_Teeth 2005 tour, but never played live, "All the Love In The World" finally made its concert debut in San Antonio, TX the other night.

Last night in Los Angeles at the Staples Center, the show was filmed. But at this time there has not been any confirmation of a DVD/Blu-Ray in the works. The Los Angeles show was also the longest set of the tour thus far. Next weekend, the two shows in Las Vegas at The Joint should throw some interesting setlists out, as the Tension 2013 production is not able to fit on the small stage at The Joint. Lastly, I just want to thank every taper who has contributed/shared their tapes to the archive and people who are enjoying the downloads available here at the site. Big thanks to the tapers, all the recordings have been fantastic on this tour to listen to. More to come.

10/05/2013: NIN Tension 2013 Recordings Available For Download:

Last night in Toronto was my first show of the Tension 2013 tour. It was amazing! My recording from last night in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre is now available for download here. The main page might not be updated with posts, but keep checking the RSS Feed sidebar to the right and you will see when shows are added from the Tension tour. As well as from past tours. You can also keep up to date with checking back to the Tension 2013 main tour page. When a show is linked (highlighted), that means there is a recording available for download for that show. Enjoy the recordings!

09/25/2013;: NIN Tension 2013 Tour Kicks Off In St. Paul, Audio Recording Available For Download:

Last night the Nine Inch Nails Tension 2013 Arena Tour kicked off in St. Paul, Minnesota. Many songs debuted last night and it was captured in amazing quality by a taper that has been taping NIN since the beginning, JB. The audio recording he did is available for download on the archive here. Enjoy!

09/12/2013: Reflecting In The Chrome Presents: Nine Inch Nails: Wave Goodbye Atlanta Video:

A few weeks ago, Matt Widner e-mailed me about a project he has been working on for the past few years. With the torrent of festival shows/streams being available almost immediately, I did not want this release to go unnoticed. This is the full 05/10/2009 Atlanta performance on DVD! All audience shot footage with a spectacular audio mix that you can download here. The video is fantastic and I have watched it a few times since I received it. Matt did a great job on the edit and I hope that everyone enjoys the release! I thank him for sharing it with RITC and to allow us to host it for download. After the jump, you can read some words from the editor, Matt Winder, as well as download a torrent file to download the DVD! Enjoy!

09/02/2013: NIN 2013 Festival Leg Complete With Made In America Fest Pro-Shot Video/Audio Download:

Last night in Philadelphia at Made In America Festival was the last show of the Festival run. The live stream did not disappoint. The stream quality each show progressively got better and last night was the ultimate. The best soundboard audio mix and the best picture quality out of the whole festival streams. You can download the soundboard audio, or you can download the mkv torrent to download the video here. The direct mkv and mp4 files will be available in a few days time. Just to note, that 10 out of the 15 festival shows have a full recording available! There is also one off show left before Tension 2013 kicks off in St. Paul Minnesota on September 28th! Which will see a different setlist, as well as a totally revamped (and more elaborate) stage design! Keep checking back in the coming weeks as we have some new stuff we will be posting from previous tours!

08/25/2013: NIN 2013 Tour Rehearsal Soundboard and Reading Festival Soundboard:

Today, the NINternet has exploded! Someone leaked June 2013 tour rehearsal soundboard audio and the quality is amazing, the full run down of the Festival 2013 setlist. We have it available for download here. And also, the Reading Festival soundboard audio from the digital video broadcast is available for download here. We have the video for it, but it will be up at a later time.

08/18/2013: NIN Rock'N'Heim Festival Audio/Video Available for Download:

Once again, the NINternet is spoiled with another fantastic pro-shot recording captured from today's performance at Rock'N'Heim Festival in Hockenheim, Germany! The camera angles are wicked (see below), and the audio is probably the best mix we've heard thus far. It seems like each pro-shot keeps getting better and better. Audio will be available in a few hours for download, but you can now download the video of the set here.

08/16/2013: NIN Lowlands Festival Audio/Video Available for Download:

The pro-shot video from today's performance at Lowlands Festival in Biddinghuizen, Holland is now available for download. The camera work is exceptional from the festival crew. Also, Trent's comments before the start of their set is priceless. EDIT 08/17/2013: There is a new version of the capture thanks to TheBang. He used 5 captures to validate the integrity. TheBang was able to compare and ensure that the assembled set of chunks were perfect. This copy has chapters, and the audio was boosted (normalized to just under 0db) as the live stream audio was slightly low. I suggest downloading this version as it is the perfect source. Also you can download it in MKV or MP4 filetypes as well as an soundboard audio rip of the set here.

08/11/2013: NIN Outside Lands Festival Audio/Video Available for Download:

This went up faster than anyone expected! TheBang did a fantastic job capturing the concert off of the UStream and then cross referenced his capture to others with md5's in order to make sure it was a perfect copy! This is by far the best stream out of the first three festival streams of 2013. The audio mix is incredible and there is a lot of great camera work in this one. The new songs sound amazing. Big thanks for getting up so quickly to the server. Again, the torrent will be available first as I don't want to bombard the RITC server. You can download different options of the recording here. Next up is the European leg of the festival tour, which I hope there will be an abundance of recordings coming our way! Stay tuned, and enjoy! (Photo below by Wilson Lee)

08/05/2013: NIN Lollapalooza Audio/Video Available for Download:

Thanks to a bunch of folks over at EchoingTheSound (ETS), we have a complete and perfect stream rip of the Lollapalooza show from last Friday! It's in glorious 1080p and soundboard audio. There will be numerous ways to downlaod this one just like the Fuji Rocks Live Stream. I am uploading all of those at the moment but I prefer everyone to grab the torrent below in order to download it, and please seed as long as you can! Just so RITC's server is not being dominated. I was at Lollapalooza for the show and it was AMAZING. The light show is fantastic and the band sounds awesome! I hope everyone enjoys and again, thanks to all at ETS who helped made this possible and allowing us to host it! You can download the various filetypes here. Enjoy!

07/28/2013: NIN Fuji Rock Festival Audio/Video Available for Download:

After the live stream was not available in North America many US fans found proxy servers to watch the first Nine Inch Nails performance since 2009. But found out that the proxy servers were very choppy and dropped connection a lot making capturing very difficult. Many sources were incomplete or glitchy. Thankfully, many NIN fans helped merge sources together and we were going to release the merged footage (Thanks to all that contributed). But then C. Morris contacted me and said he had a full 720p rip from the UK! He was kind enough to convert and upload it to RITC's server in order for it to be availabe to the masses! So here it is! Nine Inch Nails first show, in full 720p, soundboard audio from 07/26/2013 Fuji Rock Festival! There are three options to download, a direct .zip file, torrent and just an audio file. The full performance will be up on RITC's YouTube page shortly as well! You can download the various filetypes here. Thanks for everyone who has helped make this possible!! Enjoy!

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